dear dc,

love, sd

Remind me again?

I do not like pretentious people who cannot have fun out of nothing. 

i need friends from kansas. 

i need friends from kansas. 

undo the skepticism

Today, my sister called me and said, “Next month will officially be a year that you’ve settled on the East Coast. How does it feel?” I said, “EH IT’S WHATEVER.” 


ALTHOUGH, I am skeptic about living in Washington, DC … I know it’s beneficial in so many ways and I have yet to keep finding out how. This city is pretentious as fuck, it’s a tiny city with a shit public transportation. HOWEVER, the people here are awfully nice, there are so many nearby cities to get away to, and everyone here is informed. Spoiled, rich, and weird… but informed. 

What I do miss is the normality of people at state schools. State schools are awesome, because people are normal, the schools are inexpensive, and the work load isn’t as rigorous. 

The perks about being here?

Well. I definitely know what I want to do in life. I was and am still able to get a college experience, both academically, professionally, and socially. I’ve got a job where I pay for my student loans and constantly network with people around the DMV area. I’ve become more independent and have accepted living in a studio apartment by myself (although it does get extremely depressing when you wake up in a room wondering where the hell you’re at). Although, it feels like I’m high up on the mountain, there is so much more to climb. This mountain never ends. This whole one-year-East-Coast thing is just a mere milestone to my journey. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to grow and continue to grow through this path.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


San Francisco constructed from jello by Liz Hickok

in love with this!

Fall Semester 2012 - American University!

Weee, It’s so nice to be back in DC.

Although, I did go back once to attend an orientation session at American University. As a little update, I guess I can tell how you how I’m currently feeling about my new school and everything I like and don’t like.

In all honesty, I was extremely skeptical about coming to this university. For one, the Financial Aid here is absolutely horrible, but I do have a back up plan and I plan on sticking to it however. 

During my orientation, I was a bit upset with a few things. 
1: Still not knowing where I was going to be living.
2: The Gym.
3: The area.

However, after the 1st week, I’ve grown accustom to all three aspects and am happy to say that I am in love with this school, the people here, and the opportunities this specific institution has to offer.

For one, AU was recently ranked #1 Most Politically in the U.S. and according to the magazine of Foreign Policy, AU ranks Top 10 in International Relations schools in the nation along with Harvard, Princeton, and Georgetown. Which is why I’m confused as to how I got here, but who the fuck cares. 

The class sizes are small, I love it. The campus is small, I love it. The people here aren’t rude and extremely helpful, I love it. Also, our campus is located on embassy row and I literally live next door to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 

I can go on and on and on how great this school is good for me and though people say that it is an extremely expensive school, they also say the investment is worth it, if you take advantage of the opportunities AU has to offer. 

So that’s my little update. 

(Their gym still sucks and I don’t think I will ever support any of their sports teams though.)


AU is a constant reminder that its one thing to get the job you want and have always dreamed about through hard work and perseverance , but it’s another thing to actually keep it and maintain meaningful relationships with the people you meet and you surround yourself with. 

How I feel.

 Harem capris + loafers = my fave

Harem capris + loafers = my fave

Dc weather -_-

Dc weather -_-